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Flowers have been used way back the earliest civilizations. They had long been a part of human history. Flower gardens were found in the ancient Mesopotamia. Roses’ oil was used way back during the time of ancient China. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated flowers with their gods and goddesses. Flowers were included in religious practices.

Flowers, biologically, are responsible for making sure that plants will continue to exist through reproduction. For us, humans, flowers are known to beautify our surroundings and they are also popularly sent as gifts to our loved ones.

Millennia ago, flowers have already been cultivated in gardens like that in China and Mesopotamia. They are also used for herbal purposes, for instance, calendula, a member of the marigold family, were used by early Romans to alleviate indigestion, and as ointments to heal toothaches, skin irritations and sore eyes. Flowers were also already used as decors then. History tells us of how early Buddhists embellish their temples with flowers and how Egyptians adorn their ceramics with daisies. Flowers were also used as concoctions like delphinium, which primarily is used to drive away scorpions. Flowers, as mentioned, earlier are significant in ancient religions. They are offered at altars. Certain flowers also bear a religious symbol like a holly, which was believed to drive away evil spirits, and later on its leaves became a symbol of eternal life for Christians.

Today, flowers’ uses and purposes remain the same, plus additions. It was already in the Victorian era that flowers are sent to express feelings. This is still popularly practice around the world. They can be made presents for many occasions such as birthdays, Valentines Day and anniversaries. They are also popularly used as decorations during big events like weddings and graduations. Flowers are also there to adorn homes.

Many people grow flowers at their homes to make their landscape more attractive. Flowers are also cultivated for commercial purposes. Aside from their usual gifts and decorations purposes, flowers are also a source of food like carnations, mums, honeysuckle and even roses. Flowers also make perfect tea. Flowers when dried like chamomiles and roses are added in a tea for its medical properties and fragrance.

Flowers are indeed one of nature’s beautiful and useful creations, beloved by many throughout time.

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