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Autumn season is associated with harvest and melancholy. When it comes to flowers, autumn is less celebrated as the season for flowers compared to summer and spring. But having flowers during autumn makes the season more dramatic. It is said that planting flowers during autumn is an indication of a true landscaping enthusiast. Flowers still bloom in this season. Weddings done during this season is even more romantic when flowers are around.

The most obvious flowers that can thrive during the autumn to winter are hardy flowers. Indeed, chrysanthemums and dusty millers are good choices for autumn landscape but do not limit yourself with these kinds of flowers. Tender annual flowers can make any garden even more interesting during the autumn season.

Marigolds are less likely to be seen as an autumn flower since they are tender plants. However, its colors of orange, yellow, and gold are classic fall colors. Marigolds are still worth planting during the fall season.

Gerberas, irises, freesias, orchids, forget-me-nots, asters and many more beautiful flowers can survive the autumn climate.

Weddings always come with flowers. The autumn romantic scenario is perfect for a wedding. If you plan to have a wedding on autumn, its best to know what are the flowers in season. There would be no problem, if you ordered ahead and is willing to pay for the cost of shipping flowers. But if you are on a budget, it would be wiser to know what the flowers are in season. Availability of flowers do vary from one region to another, but to be safe, mums, zinnias, fuchsias, amaryllis, sweet William, yarrow and statice are good choices if you prioritize affordability. You also have an option of going for flowers that are available all year round. The list includes roses, daisies, lilies and orchids.

Aside from availability, you also have to consider what colors will match the autumn mood. Yellows and oranges accentuate the mood of autumn but you can also be creative in going for fuchsias, purples, and even white.
Whether for your landscape or for a wedding, flowers are essential during the fall season.

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