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Fresh cut flowers bring pleasure inside our homes with their subtle sweet smell plus the beauty of its color and texture. Flowers at home are even said to drive away negativity. People who are surrounded with flowers are more inspired to do work. To make the most of these flowers, we find ways to let them last longer even when the temperature is really hot.

Here are Some Tips to Keep your Flowers Longer when the Temperature is High:

•    Keep your flowers away from any fruit. A fruit that is ripening produces gases like ethylene that will hasten the withering process of the fresh flowers.

•    Keep the container of the fresh cut flowers clean. You can do this by washing the container with water containing a few amount of bleach. Prepare the container with water. Cut off about half an inch off the stem in a 45 degree angle and place them directly into the water. This ensures the flowers will absorb water.

•    Add cut flower food into the water. During hot weather, the water in the container is more conducive for bacterias to thrive making it harder for flowers to drink water. The water will also become murky. To answer this problem you can add cut flower food, keeping the water clean. Another way is to replace the water daily and cut half-inch of the stem each time you do this. You may also choose to add soluble aspirin instead of a flower food.

•    Place the flowers away from sunlight and any source of heat. Sunlight maybe friendly to flowers in our garden but this is not the case with fresh cut flowers. Sun rays will cause stress to the cut flowers and will make them wilt faster. You will not only avoid the sun, you should also keep your flowers away from anything that produces heat in the room like a radiator. The heat will make the flowers droop and eventually wither and die.

To summarize, you should always have clean water in the container of the fresh flowers. Diagonally cut stems so they can deliver water into the flowers. Keep them away from fresh fruits and place them somewhere away from the heat. Choose a cool place. Simply remember and do these tips whenever you have fresh cut flowers at home so they would last longer.
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