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Whether to patch things up or just because, giving flowers to someone special has been practice in human relationships for many years until now.  Yes, flowers as gifts seem never become outdated but it is so popular that one might think that giving flowers is not so special since it is not well-thought of.

People in America are known to celebrate individuality and express themselves in creative ways. Thus, there is an art when you engaged in gift giving. The kind of gift you give says something about who you are. Since flowers are so commonly given, one might think you choose to give those flower because you can’t think of anything else to give. This is a sign that you might care less. Flowers are easily ordered now specially with online florist. Thus, flowers should be given accompanied with a letter with contents originally written by the sender or a planned dinner date in a fancy restaurant to make the gesture show more care.

Another drawback in sending flowers is how flowers quickly wither. As a gift, it would not be enjoyed for so long as you like. But one thing about flowers that cannot be toppled by critics is the fact that flowers are really beautiful and a classic. Despite being considered as corny, lack of creativity, lack of effort, sending flowers as gifts is beloved by many. It is a classic and withstood time. Flowers have established itself as a symbol of affection, gratitude, celebration and sympathy around the world. Even science can explain why flowers are popular as gifts. Studies show that indeed flowers can lift someone’s mood and its effects can last for days. Flowers can even alleviate the feeling of sickness and even sadness. Statistics also show that many of us admit that when we receive flowers we feel a sense of excitement and happiness.

Sending flowers is indeed a sweet gesture. It may be corny but don’t all of us have a side of cheesiness in all of us. Picking flowers to give is not just a thoughtless act. There are so many ways that flowers can be arrange to make a statement or to convey the message you like to say to your loved one. There are so many ways that a flower arrangement can show individualism and creativity. Flowers will stay the most beloved and expressive gift of all time. It may sometimes appear corny to some but it will never lose its sweetness.

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2/20/2011 10:42:30 am

I'd enjoy to see snap shots too Aby!! I never thought to label the fridge. My cabinets are labeled, although not the fridge. Excellent concept!

3/4/2011 02:16:35 pm

Never knew what was in tears, because of the loss, I tasted the taste of tears.

5/2/2011 07:05:29 pm

You can also master from her attitude in regards to the unique unique gifts.


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