San Leandro Flowers
A bunch of flowers is such a delight that you want to keep them forever. A bouquet of flowers from someone special is something you would want to hold on to. However, if they are fresh flowers it would be impossible to keep them forever. But there is a way in which you can make them last longer. Just follow these few tips:

Put the flowers in water right away. Fresh cut flowers need water after being removed from their life support system.

Pour warm water into a plastic bucket until it is half- full.
The reason for choosing warm water is the fact that warm water is faster to be absorbed than cold. It would be better if you add preservative to the water. The ends of the stems are the only ones in which water is absorbed so you should not fill the bucket up to the top. Doing so will only pollute the water. The soaked foliage will only be fed by bacteria and thus flowers will die faster. Foliage of certain flowers like mums and daisies also emit a strong odor when you have them soaked over a certain length of time.

Bring your bucket of water into the garden.
Use a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut the stems of the flower on a 45 degree angle so they can absorb water better. Get rid of all foliage from the lower part of the stems which would stand below the water level. Put the flowers immediately in the water.

Avoid overcrowding flowers in the container.
Make sure there is enough room between each flower so there would be good air circulation. Overcrowding flowers may lead to having petals bruised. Put your bucket in a cool dim place and let the flowers absorbed more water before arranging them. Leave them for around four to five hours; you can even leave them overnight so flowers will take in lots of water before arranging them. This is what you refer to us conditioning. A conditioned bunch of flowers will last twice longer than flowers that are not conditioned.

Add flower preservative in the water so they would even last longer.
You can find one in garden centers or supermarkets. You may also use household bleach. Make sure you replace the water frequently. You also need to add the preservative each time you replace the water.

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