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Stress is common these days. People are dealing with deadlines at work or at school, parental duties and maintaining relationships. There are many ways to fight off if not reduce stress. But one simple and cheap way is through having flowers around. Flowers are proven to alleviate stress and drive away negativity. They are also known to brighten up the mood of people.

Colors also affect the mood of people. When selecting flowers, you also consider their colors. Specific hues can stimulate particular emotions so do flowers.

Red flowers

If you want to brighten up someone’s mood, then you can choose flowers that come in red. Red is a color symbolizing energy and vitality. Red flowers also convey the feeling of love, excitement and eagerness. When you want to lift someone’s mood you can go with a warm color like red.

You can place red flowers at living rooms and dining rooms to draw people together and invite lively conversations.


It is like the red color that belongs to warm category. Orange symbolizes energy, vibrancy and warmth. You can use orange roses and orange daisies to represent geniality and childlike playfulness. Orange flowers are perfect to give if you want to increase the energy level of a person.

Because of the energy it brings, you can place orange flowers in a kitchen or in your workout room.


This color is popular for it reminds us of sunshine and summer. Yellow represents happiness. According to chromotherapy, the color yellow is said to stimulate nerves. So if you want to cheer up someone then bring her a bunch of yellow flowers.

Because of the energizing and uplifting nature of yellow flowers, you can place them in kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. You can make a small area look bigger with yellow flowers so place them in hallways or any small spaces.


If warm colors drive away stress by cheering you up with their energy, cool color flowers enables you to relax. The color blue is associated with serenity and blissful relaxation. Research suggests that placing someone in a blue color room can lower his or her blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. If you want to relax and feel calm then treat yourself by being surrounded with blue colored flowers like iris and rose. It is best to place blue flowers in bedrooms and other places where you want to relax.

This color is synonymous to richness and sophistication. Darker shades of purple can motivate and encourage. While if you want to feel relax, you can go for lighter shades of purple. These shades can promote a good night sleep. You can place purple flowers in bedrooms and bathrooms or at any place you want to unwind.


White is universal as it can effect you in the same way as other color. White represents purity and cleanliness. White flowers can make a room feel airy and lighter. It gives you the illusion of a bigger space. So it is best to place white flowers in small spaces to bring about a sense of airiness.

So bring some fresh flowers into your homes or offices to relieve you of the stress you feel throughout the day.

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