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A bunch of fresh flowers at any room can make a difference. So it’s natural we want to make them last longer.

The Formula is Simple just Follow the Tips Below:

Keep in mind cut flowers are still alive so treat them that way. This means you should keep in mind that they get enough water and air to survive. One interesting fact is that tulips actually still grow when they are cut and place on a vase. Flowers will wilt and die but you can make them last longer by taking good care of them.

While you can go and purchase packets of preservatives for flowers found in floral shops and groceries, you may still go for the natural way of prolonging the flowers’ life.


One primary factor that can determine the life of a cut flower is its capability of drinking water freely. Plants have vascular cells that work like a group of drinking straws. These cells direct water into the flowers and their leaves. To allow water to flow freely into the plant, vascular cells must be open. The type of water you use is a significant factor in keeping cut flowers last longer. One tip is to make sure your water has few minerals on it and keep them as acidic as you can so water can flow easier through the cells. Water should be bacteria-free, yeast-free and fungi-free. These living organisms can do damage to your flowers. Once you put a cut water flower in a container filled with water, it is expected that bacterias will grow and multiply so better start off with being free of bacteria. Bacteria do not only feed on the plant, it also clog the channels where water can pass through. Change also the water daily.

Cutting Stems of Flowers

Cut half-an inch off the stem on a slant angle using a sharp knife. The 45 degree cut exposes a larger area of the stem where water can be absorbed. Once you cut the flowers, place them right away on a container filled with lukewarm water.


Avoid getting your container overcrowded with flowers. Allow a space where air can circulate on the flowers in a vase.


Feed the flowers with white sugar.

Light and Temperature

 Keep flowers away from heat for the heat will make flower wilt faster.

Gathering of Flowers

Cut your flowers early in the morning when it is cool and the plant stored much food and the time when their fragrance is at its peak.

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