San Leandro Flowers
Almost any plants we know today as cultivated mainly for decoration and beautification used to be weeds, naturally growing in the wild. Then humans discovered that they looked attractive so they took them. This was the beginning of artificial selection process and thus as we see flowers seem to evolved to be prettier to human taste. This is the idea that prevailed throughout the history of agriculture and even maybe prior to that, back when humans were likely to be partial to places where food can be gathered. This can elaborate further why several flowers act as partner plants to more beneficial agricultural plants; they had evolved to benefit from another even before both were domesticated. Thus, they grew at the same place, easy to be chosen as an appealing plant.

But once flowers are domesticated, they were cultivated separately or became part of gardens. In the West side of the world, it was only in the 19th century that people in the West arrived at the concept of having flower gardens. Interesting fact when at this time when we think of gardens, we readily think of blooms. On the East, Japanese gardens are mostly made of small scales mountains, flowing water, rocks and plants but not necessary flowers. Like Ikebana, Japanese gardens carry symbolism.

But for the Greeks, flowers are already in the market as early as 5th century BC. They already have gardens like the ones Persians have,.  You can find crowns made of flowers, crowns that were created for heroes of athletic games famous in Greece. For the Romans, history says how they cover Italy with gardens.These became a spectacular scenery as gardens found in Italy were considered to be one of the most beautiful ever created. Italian gardens were reminiscent of old Roman Villas placed on sloping sites. What made them even more beautiful were the incorporation of flowing water or pools.

Gardens during the Renaissance period were more elaborate with fountains and statues. But during the 18th century gardens gradually became more natural like that found in nature. 

There are many kinds of garden today but most of them have flowers unlike during the earlier times. Flower gardens are something people sought for. Walking around places surrounded with flowers is a retreat for anyone.

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