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In every art masterpiece is a great artist. The same thing is true with a flower arrangement. In every beautiful floral display is a talented florist. You might be wondering what it takes to become a certified florist. Is there any education and certification needed? Better read on to find out.

Before knowing what a florist is, it would be best to know the industry where he or she in – floristry. This is the industry referring to floral trade and those who practice flower arranging as a profession. Floristry embraces everything from the cultivation of flowers to the arrangements of flowers. It also covers flower care and handling, flower styling, flower arranging, down to delivery of the flowers. Floristry can also be easily understood as the arranging and merchandising of flowers.

Though everyone who has a penchant for floral design can be a florist, training for the art of making flower arrangement would be an advantage. Just like any other art, flower arrangement is also governed by principles. A floral composition would look professionally done when one integrates principles of flower arranging.

A florist would know what colors and varieties of flower would look good together to come up with a beautiful flower arrangement. It will also help for anyone who wishes to endeavor on becoming a florist to know the traditional and contemporary style of traditional flower arranging.

What makes a good florist also require adequate knowledge on proper care and handling of flowers. This is a prerequisite since flowers should always be fresh when they are bought by the client. Sufficient knowledge is also needed on how to handle flowers upon delivery.

Personality would also make a difference in working as a florist. Being a florist means knowing how to communicate well with your clients so that you will come up with a flower design that matches their taste. A florist should also always be ready to answer questions.

No specific education is required to become a florist but most florists used to work for a professional florist. Though they did not acquire a formal education in flower arranging, their experience works for their advantage.

But to begin with, a fondness for flowers is needed to be a good florist. For anyone who wants to become a florist would be glad to know that there are professional florists offering short programs for flower design. Certain community colleges also offer courses in flower arranging.

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