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Fresh cut flowers bring pleasure inside our homes with their subtle sweet smell plus the beauty of its color and texture. Flowers at home are even said to drive away negativity. People who are surrounded with flowers are more inspired to do work. To make the most of these flowers, we find ways to let them last longer even when the temperature is really hot.

Here are Some Tips to Keep your Flowers Longer when the Temperature is High:

•    Keep your flowers away from any fruit. A fruit that is ripening produces gases like ethylene that will hasten the withering process of the fresh flowers.

•    Keep the container of the fresh cut flowers clean. You can do this by washing the container with water containing a few amount of bleach. Prepare the container with water. Cut off about half an inch off the stem in a 45 degree angle and place them directly into the water. This ensures the flowers will absorb water.

•    Add cut flower food into the water. During hot weather, the water in the container is more conducive for bacterias to thrive making it harder for flowers to drink water. The water will also become murky. To answer this problem you can add cut flower food, keeping the water clean. Another way is to replace the water daily and cut half-inch of the stem each time you do this. You may also choose to add soluble aspirin instead of a flower food.

•    Place the flowers away from sunlight and any source of heat. Sunlight maybe friendly to flowers in our garden but this is not the case with fresh cut flowers. Sun rays will cause stress to the cut flowers and will make them wilt faster. You will not only avoid the sun, you should also keep your flowers away from anything that produces heat in the room like a radiator. The heat will make the flowers droop and eventually wither and die.

To summarize, you should always have clean water in the container of the fresh flowers. Diagonally cut stems so they can deliver water into the flowers. Keep them away from fresh fruits and place them somewhere away from the heat. Choose a cool place. Simply remember and do these tips whenever you have fresh cut flowers at home so they would last longer.
A bunch of flowers is such a delight that you want to keep them forever. A bouquet of flowers from someone special is something you would want to hold on to. However, if they are fresh flowers it would be impossible to keep them forever. But there is a way in which you can make them last longer. Just follow these few tips:

Put the flowers in water right away. Fresh cut flowers need water after being removed from their life support system.

Pour warm water into a plastic bucket until it is half- full.
The reason for choosing warm water is the fact that warm water is faster to be absorbed than cold. It would be better if you add preservative to the water. The ends of the stems are the only ones in which water is absorbed so you should not fill the bucket up to the top. Doing so will only pollute the water. The soaked foliage will only be fed by bacteria and thus flowers will die faster. Foliage of certain flowers like mums and daisies also emit a strong odor when you have them soaked over a certain length of time.

Bring your bucket of water into the garden.
Use a sharp pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut the stems of the flower on a 45 degree angle so they can absorb water better. Get rid of all foliage from the lower part of the stems which would stand below the water level. Put the flowers immediately in the water.

Avoid overcrowding flowers in the container.
Make sure there is enough room between each flower so there would be good air circulation. Overcrowding flowers may lead to having petals bruised. Put your bucket in a cool dim place and let the flowers absorbed more water before arranging them. Leave them for around four to five hours; you can even leave them overnight so flowers will take in lots of water before arranging them. This is what you refer to us conditioning. A conditioned bunch of flowers will last twice longer than flowers that are not conditioned.

Add flower preservative in the water so they would even last longer.
You can find one in garden centers or supermarkets. You may also use household bleach. Make sure you replace the water frequently. You also need to add the preservative each time you replace the water.
A bunch of fresh flowers at any room can make a difference. So it’s natural we want to make them last longer.

The Formula is Simple just Follow the Tips Below:

Keep in mind cut flowers are still alive so treat them that way. This means you should keep in mind that they get enough water and air to survive. One interesting fact is that tulips actually still grow when they are cut and place on a vase. Flowers will wilt and die but you can make them last longer by taking good care of them.

While you can go and purchase packets of preservatives for flowers found in floral shops and groceries, you may still go for the natural way of prolonging the flowers’ life.


One primary factor that can determine the life of a cut flower is its capability of drinking water freely. Plants have vascular cells that work like a group of drinking straws. These cells direct water into the flowers and their leaves. To allow water to flow freely into the plant, vascular cells must be open. The type of water you use is a significant factor in keeping cut flowers last longer. One tip is to make sure your water has few minerals on it and keep them as acidic as you can so water can flow easier through the cells. Water should be bacteria-free, yeast-free and fungi-free. These living organisms can do damage to your flowers. Once you put a cut water flower in a container filled with water, it is expected that bacterias will grow and multiply so better start off with being free of bacteria. Bacteria do not only feed on the plant, it also clog the channels where water can pass through. Change also the water daily.

Cutting Stems of Flowers

Cut half-an inch off the stem on a slant angle using a sharp knife. The 45 degree cut exposes a larger area of the stem where water can be absorbed. Once you cut the flowers, place them right away on a container filled with lukewarm water.


Avoid getting your container overcrowded with flowers. Allow a space where air can circulate on the flowers in a vase.


Feed the flowers with white sugar.

Light and Temperature

 Keep flowers away from heat for the heat will make flower wilt faster.

Gathering of Flowers

Cut your flowers early in the morning when it is cool and the plant stored much food and the time when their fragrance is at its peak.
Floriography is the study of flowers meaning.  It includes an additional meaning in sending or receiving flowers where understated and hidden messages can be communicated through different kinds of flowers. 

For the Victorians and Turks back in the 18th century, flowers are used as channels in sending messages called Persian Selam. Flowers were attached with coded meanings to express love and admiration.  These begun the secret language of flowers.

Here are some flowers and their meanings across different cultures.

Anemone represents dying love. This meaning originated from a Greek mythology where anemone is said to grow from Aphrodite’s tears when Adonis, her beloved, died. It is also believed as attracting luck and protection against evil in folklores. Certain cultures also say that anemone can tell if a rain is coming.  
Bluebell stands for constancy and everlasting love. Bluebells is not recommended to be brought at home as they are said to bring bad luck. However, bluebells is regarded by herbalists as preventing nightmares.

Buttercup represents childishness. Before it was believed that the butter’s yellow color sprung from the cows that eat this flower. The myth is said to serve as an explanation why cows avoid eating this bitter tasting flower.

Carnation is a symbol of marriage, love and fertility. Carnations are said to be an aphrodisiac so they are favorites during weddings. Various colors of carnation have individual meanings. White stands for love while yellow means rejection. Pink carnations means I’ll never forget you while red symbolizes being heartbroken.

Daisies are one of the friendliest flowers as they represent innocence and modesty. You might want to know that it was also in the Victorian period when girls started to repeat “he love me, he loves me not” while plucking petals from a daisy.

Forget-me-nots as the name imply means true love and remembrance. The myth is that there was this valiant knight who gave these flowers to his lover before leaving for a battle.

Hyacinth derived its name from Hyacinthus who is said to be a handsome youth in Greek mythology. Hyacinthus is said to be killed out of jealousy and from his blood grew these flowers called hyacinths.

Lily embodies innocence and purity. For Christians, it symbolizes Virgin Mary’s purity. For the Greeks particularly in marriages, lilies symbolize innocence and fertility.

Hydrangea means vanity.

Foxglove is one of the flowers with negative connotation as it stands for insincerity. It derived this connotation from folklore where this flower is said to be offered by bad fairies to a fox so his steps won’t be heard while hunting.

Stress is common these days. People are dealing with deadlines at work or at school, parental duties and maintaining relationships. There are many ways to fight off if not reduce stress. But one simple and cheap way is through having flowers around. Flowers are proven to alleviate stress and drive away negativity. They are also known to brighten up the mood of people.

Colors also affect the mood of people. When selecting flowers, you also consider their colors. Specific hues can stimulate particular emotions so do flowers.

Red flowers

If you want to brighten up someone’s mood, then you can choose flowers that come in red. Red is a color symbolizing energy and vitality. Red flowers also convey the feeling of love, excitement and eagerness. When you want to lift someone’s mood you can go with a warm color like red.

You can place red flowers at living rooms and dining rooms to draw people together and invite lively conversations.


It is like the red color that belongs to warm category. Orange symbolizes energy, vibrancy and warmth. You can use orange roses and orange daisies to represent geniality and childlike playfulness. Orange flowers are perfect to give if you want to increase the energy level of a person.

Because of the energy it brings, you can place orange flowers in a kitchen or in your workout room.


This color is popular for it reminds us of sunshine and summer. Yellow represents happiness. According to chromotherapy, the color yellow is said to stimulate nerves. So if you want to cheer up someone then bring her a bunch of yellow flowers.

Because of the energizing and uplifting nature of yellow flowers, you can place them in kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. You can make a small area look bigger with yellow flowers so place them in hallways or any small spaces.


If warm colors drive away stress by cheering you up with their energy, cool color flowers enables you to relax. The color blue is associated with serenity and blissful relaxation. Research suggests that placing someone in a blue color room can lower his or her blood pressure, respiration and heart rate. If you want to relax and feel calm then treat yourself by being surrounded with blue colored flowers like iris and rose. It is best to place blue flowers in bedrooms and other places where you want to relax.

This color is synonymous to richness and sophistication. Darker shades of purple can motivate and encourage. While if you want to feel relax, you can go for lighter shades of purple. These shades can promote a good night sleep. You can place purple flowers in bedrooms and bathrooms or at any place you want to unwind.


White is universal as it can effect you in the same way as other color. White represents purity and cleanliness. White flowers can make a room feel airy and lighter. It gives you the illusion of a bigger space. So it is best to place white flowers in small spaces to bring about a sense of airiness.

So bring some fresh flowers into your homes or offices to relieve you of the stress you feel throughout the day.

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