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Coming up with a beautiful flower arrangement requires artistic skills. A florist has an excellent eye for choosing the right kind of flowers, the colors, and then styles them in a way that expresses a particular emotion or message.

Flower arranging is an art form that existed even in the ancient times. Just like any other type of art, a flower arrangement created by a good florist conveys something. It ought to mean more than being attractive by itself.

A florist working with flowers employs certain principles of flower arrangement including balance, proportion, form, harmony and color. Though anyone can do a flower arrangement, a florist knows how to make a flower arrangement a piece of art. A good florist is an artist for he or she knows not only how to make certain key elements of flower arranging worked together but s/he also uses his/her imagination in the process.

In creating a flower arrangement, a florist also needs inspiration. It can be coming from the nature. Just like how there are certain flower arrangement styles that are inspired from nature like that of the waterfalls. Today, contemporary flower arrangement styles are also inspired by architecture and fashion from the past down to the present.   

Florists translate the vision of their clients incorporating clean lines, form and balance. These are all essential in making a beautiful arrangement.  

One of the most popular kinds of flower arrangement is Ikebana. This is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It also reflects the Japanese culture and one of the distinguishable feature of Japanese art and that is minimalism. Japanese history tells us of individuals who devoted their life in flower arranging. Surely, these people are artist. Today, there are many Ikebana artists around the world. For them the art of flower arranging is not only a pastime but also a medium of expressing themselves.

Indeed, a florist is an artist who creates wonderful works of art for us to savor.

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